Best Free Netflix Alternatives 2017

With many apps being developed and released in the App market, it is that time where we get an app for almost anything and everything. People these days are developing apps in every niche as they are not sure which app might become viral at what moment and say; the recent Pokemon Go is the best example for it. However, the entertainment sector on the other hand will always have demand and if you are developing an app that streams videos online; you’re almost digging a diamond and are a step away in finding it. But, Netflix has already been tagged as the best video streaming app and beating that is not impossible. But, not everyone can actually pay for the monthly subscription to avail the free streaming sources and here are the best free Netflix Alternatives that you can find which offer the same experience:

netflix alternatives


  • Movie HD: The Movie HD Android application was produced in conjunction with the makers of the HD Cinema and Sky HD App and therefore is known for its sophistication and intricacy. It has a far reaching user base because of the incredible database it acquires. There are many amusing factors while Chromecast, using a third party player and the ability that allows you to play the videos on bigger screens directly without any hampering in the quality are what you seek. The app also gives you list downs of the famous films for example, Top 10 Horror films, Top 20 Romcoms, The Best TV Shows of 2017 etc. All you need to do is gain a strong internet connection and you have a world at your eye.
  • Kodi: There are many other apps say Showbox, Playbox HD, Cinema Box that work the same as the above mentioned app. But, Kodi is a little different to any other online streaming apps as it is actually run by an organization with thousands of developers contributing to it’s gradual development. The app indeed is a fixed platform which gets updated by the coders from every corner of the web. You can just install the add-ons on this app and then turn any device say your smartphone, tablet, computer to a set top box to catch the live streaming at hand that too after being governed by the license rights.
  • Newest Movies HD APK: Ofcourse! The app as it has been launched recently has a relatively low profile but nonethless it offers around 50,000 videos on a whole. Can you believe that? It comes with an expansive as well as expensive selection of videos listed according to the genres, date of releases, categories, languages etc. Making things easier are the even better filtres like Most Watched, Recently Added, Critically Acclaimed and the Highest Rated that help you decide the film that you want to watch. The only tiny drawback is that it has got one or two compatibility issues just like all the other apps which are expected to be solved soon. All you need to do is download Newest Movies HD Android by visiting the page¬†and have fun to the core!

There are also few other impressive alternatives to Netflix apart from the above mentioned three say Hulu App, Terrarium TV, Crackle, Popcorn Flix, Mobdro etc which are same at the root level with only slight variations in the specifications that make them better and worse among each other. Enable third party downloads by visiting the security settings on your smartphone, and download one online video streaming app among the mentioned apps to catch your favorite videos.

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