My Penomet Review

Really wanted this to work Penomet. Spent an awful lot of money for very little result. I have got to admit, Most of us want extra length or girth. Penomet really didn’t do as its claims. I know there are a few sites that sell penis enlargers and claim to be able to improve size, performance etc. But when you feel so bad about yourself you buy into the dream. All this product did was add to my nightmares. Ok so you think i’m exaggerating, but im not, im really not. Penomet was uncomfortable and only added ⅛  an inch if that.

Not only do Penomet give testimonials on their site but they offer an incentive to get a free Penomet upgrade for doing so.

So is Penomet saying that there standard model isn’t all that. Personally I can’t trust a site that offers a sweetener for said testimonials.

Having suffered from penis envy you tend to buy into anything that claims that it’s a miracle cure for all. This is what happened to me with Penomet.

I know that people have given reviews on the site of Penomet, but i’m wondering if they really did have a problem before, or if they just wanted to boost their own ego. Penomet for me let me down. I did as they said and used this gadget for 20 minutes a day. They claim that your confidence is boosted, well mine did not. Mine plummeted.

Penomet also claims that you will be harder for longer and that sexual stamina will be at its peak. Again I am embarrassed to say mine did not.

I must also add at this point that i have suffered from erectile dysfunction, which they have claimed using this gadget eradicates, these are some very big claims. And yes you have guessed it, Penomet DID NOT help me.

Ok so you can say this could just be my problem, but having delved further into Penomet I have discovered that there are other customers who feel let down. So I am relieved that I am not the only one.

Having problems with impotence, confidence, embarrassment and flaccidity all my adult life

You tend to think that the companies that make such wide ranging promises must know what they are talking about. I have come to the conclusion that I must be very foolish to be taken in by the hype.

I cannot believe that they have five stars on their own website for immediate results. Who gave Penomet five stars? Is this their own star rating? They also claim that they are unrivalled, but again after a lot of digging on the internet It seems that this may be a false claim. So please Penomet stop making such huge claims, and maybe state that this may help you, not that this is the ultimate penile pump. After all this product is expensive and you are tapping into people’s state of mind when they are at their lowest.

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